Together with Lockwood Reservoirs and Maynard Reservoirs, north of Forest Road, and West Warwick Reservoir to the West, Walthamstow Reservoirs and the adjoining Marshes constitute what are known as the ‘Walthamstow Wetlands’. The Reservoirs, in particular, form an important part of the industrial heritage of the region, which can still be seen in the form a Marine Engine House [pictured] and a listed Copper Mill [no picture as yet].

In May 2012 the Council was awarded £288,000 in order, along with Thames Water, to develop plans to improve access to the ‘Walthamstow Wetlands’, including converting the Marine Engine House into a ‘Water and Life’ visitor centre and café. Following the Development Phase the Council intends to submit a round two bid to Heritage Lottery of £3.5M.

Photos and text courtesy of local contact Tristan Moyle