I’m saddened to see that L&Q have passed through the most recent stage of the planning process in their bid to develop the Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium as a housing estate. I remain concerned that their bid does not meet the needs of our local area in providing an appropriate mix of housing and therefore isn’t good enough for Walthamstow.

Furthermore, the existence of an alternative proposal which would preserve dog racing on the site providing much needed local jobs, as well as a better mix of housing, serves to highlight the need to explore other options for the Stadium. That’s why along with residents and neighbouring MP Iain Duncan Smith we will now be lobbying the Mayor of London to use his powers to look again at this matter and ensure the best deal is secured for our community for this site.

The Mayor has two weeks (from receipt of all the paperwork from the Council) to make the final decision about whether L&Q’s application goes ahead. The Mayor is only likely to intervene if he feels issues around this application are of key strategic importance, such as delivery of the right homes and jobs for London, and protecting and enhancing London’s unique status and character. If you agree that Walthamstow deserves a better deal please email the Mayor. I will shortly be circulating a briefing on this issue so if you would like a copy please get in touch.

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