The Home Office has banned the English Defence League (EDL) from marching in Waltham Forest this weekend. In a joint statement with local MPs Iain Duncan Smith and John Cryer and local council leader Chris Robbins - Stella Creasy MP said;

“We thank the Home Office for banning the English Defence League (EDL) from marching in Waltham Forest. The Police are very clear that the ban applies to any group, not just the EDL, and our primary concern is the safety of ordinary residents who do not wish to see this group come to our area and have been caught up in this ongoing nightmare. 

We understand that the Police have told the EDL that if they wish to carry out a static protest this must be outside the House of Commons on Saturday 27 October and will uphold this condition on their activities robustly – ensuring that the far-right group does not enter Waltham Forest.

Given this development, we urge everyone who had planned to demonstrate, especially those who have no connection to this borough, to now stay away from our area and instead encourage local residents to go about their usual weekend activities, so that our community can get back to its normal, peaceful and tolerant state.”

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