obrOne Billion Rising is an international coalition of campaigners speaking out for action to tackle violence against girls and women across the world as part of celebrating the 15th Anniversary of V-day on 14 February 2013. Through combining creativity with campaigning it is generating what some are calling a ‘feminist tsunami’. From Norwich to Peru, through Bute, Manila and Luxembourg via San Fransisco, Nigeria and Tel Aviv, activists are organising flashmobs, performances and seeking po

licy changes that speak to our simple message.

To date over 13,000 organisations are now involved in planning events for the 14th February in nearly 190 countries.

In the course of the last nine months workshops have been held across the UK for campaigners who have been developing policy proposals to tackle violence against women and girls in the UK. On the day itself there are over 100 events are planned around the country- to see the full list please visit the www.onebillionrising.org website.

You find out more about OBR across the web:

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