Please help us ensure improved sexual healthcare services for all in Walthamstow. You can do this by acting as a ‘mystery shopper’ for services at your local doctors or attending our public meeting with our local NHS service providers on Friday 7 December at 6.30pm (Walthamstow venue tbc). 

Following widespread evidence of the problems Walthamstow residents face accessing sexual healthcare and contraceptive services, the Women of Walthamstow have been campaigning for this to change. They have now secured a key victory as one of the largest GP practices in Walthamstow- Addison Road Medical Practice- has finally agreed to offer family planning services. From today Thursday November 1 2012, doctors and nurses at this surgery have agreed to provide contraceptive services to patients. 

Yet there are concerns that services are still being restricted in Walthamstow and new healthcare changes due in April 2013 could further affect provision. That’s why these local women need your help ‘mystery shopping’ sexual healthcare services at all our local surgeries. Over the course of the next month if you visit your doctor they would appreciate your with the following questions about services provided:

  • What service did you go to the Doctor for (eg. contraceptive advice, contraceptive prescription/implantation, sexual health counseling, testing, etc)?
  • Was the Doctor able to help you? If not, what were you referred to the new Comely Bank sexual health clinic?
  • Were you given information about the sexual health services the GP provided to help inform your choice (i.e. details of contraception provided etc)?
  • Do you feel you know the range of services that the Comely Bank sexual health clinic offers
  • Overall, were you satisfied with your visit? (if you weren’t please tell us why)
  • If you belong to the Addison Rd surgery: did the doctor provide sexual health advice/support? If not, were you referred to the Comely Bank clinic, or were you offered to the same services through another doctor at the surgery?

Please email your answers to any of these questions to my office- these will be treated in confidence, anonymised and used to form the basis of a report that will be presented to the meeting with service providers on Friday 7 December about the current state of services.

If you would like to help this campaign, the Women of Walthamstow group will be meeting on Saturday 24 November at 10am to discuss the next steps of their work. Please contact Jenny if you would like to know more about this planning meeting.

Thank you for help with this action - I hope you can join me and these local campaigners on Friday 7 December to show support for good sexual healthcare services for everyone in Walthamstow!

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