For some time now there has been controversy surrounding
parking and Lloyd Park. The Council has now agreed to run another
consultation about controlled parking. They have also decided to
include surrounding roads. This consultation will cover:

  1. A new Residents
    Parking Scheme in the area to the north of the existing Lloyd Park (LP)
    and Winns Avenue (WA) zones up to Billet Road.
  2. Additional
    consultation in the existing LP zone on the possibility of reducing the
    operational days and times, as many residents of the zone have
    requested since it was introduced.
  3. Additional
    consultation in Winns Avenue on whether this road should remain in the
    LP and WA zones or be removed from the Residents Parking Scheme.

Residents in
those areas should by now have received consultation documents asking
if they want a parking zone and what hours/days they would prefer. The
forms have to be returned by the 19th for the new zone and,
confusingly, by the 24th for people in the existing LP and WA zones.
This is the first
a large number of residents will have heard about these ideas or the
problems caused by the CPZ in other areas of Lloyd Park. If you want to
find out more, there are a few places you can go to for more

  • To see if where you live is included in this scheme, or to see the documents, go to
  • To raise any issues, or to ask for a pack if you haven’t received one yet, email Tom Wright.
  • You can also email Cllr Bob Belam, the Cabinet Member within the Council who has responsibility for parking schemes.
Finally, if you want to know what other residents think, take a look at this blog.
It was set up by a group of people who were concerned about the
problems Controlled Parking Zones have caused in the area. This group
has also asked me to let readers of this e-newsletter know that you can
copy them in on any correspondence with the Council on
The process that
determined the initial CPZ zone was based on a consultation in which
only 17% of eligible residents responded. Therefore, I’m encouraging as
many people as possible affected by these plans to take part in this
process to make sure any decisions the Council makes fully reflect
local opinion. If you know people who live in the areas listed above, please do alert them to this information and make them aware of the deadline for responses.

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